How To Play Soccer

link 18hokiYou cannot win a soccer game without using impressive soccer techniques for defense. Just read some comments atritbuted to Landon Donovan about David Beckham. They are right on the Beckham was rumored to be coming to the Galaxy, I wrote that it was time the U.S. stopped importing over-the-hill stars from abroad to boost ratings while the star collected millions for what were essentially guest appearances We did it with Pele and Breckenbaur. It did not boost the quality of soccer in the U.S.A. and did little for its the other hand we boosted our image nationally and internationally by our performance in Souuth Africa. We did it with AMERICANS showing we can play skilful and entertaining soccer. The first half against Brazil was wonderful to watch.Soccer requires skill and intelligence. Our kids need exposure to heros they can emulate. Lets instead spend the millions we squander on importing fading international stars on our youth soccer and semi-pro programs.

Players wear the same uniforms as their teammates. The goalie must wear a different color jersey, so he can be indentified as the goalie. Sometimes the team will wear matching socks or stockings, but this is not required. Some people think the selection of socks is difficult, but they’re incorrect; as long as the stockings selected match the uniform and are comfortable, they’re fine.

In your practices before your first game your priority is to identify your top 3 most-skilled players, discover a few goalies who are not afraid of a hard shot, and get 18hoki (most) everyone comfortable making legal and sound goal-kicks and throw-ins. Also, don’t forget to note if you have a few skilled, left-footed, or ambidextrous players.

This is a cheat sheet of free flag football plays that is designed to be printed out and used by the coach or players in practice and games. This flag football playbook can also be cut up with a paper-cutter or scissors to be made to fit inside flag football wristbands for use in the huddle.

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